Can the new Queens of the Stone Age album come out already?

I have been a huge fan of the Queens of the Stone Age albums for a long time, but the news that has been rolling out about who is working on the new album has been blowing me away. I just read this article on announcing that Elton John is gonna be on the new album. OMG!

I never imagined a album would bring together Elton John, Trent Reznor, Dave Ghrohl, and Jake Shears! This album is going to be sick!


Discussion on changing WordPress Revisions

If you have any interest in keeping track of changes to WordPress, you should always check out the development p2 blog , also known as Make WordPress Core.

There was a recent discussion on making changes to the existing Revisions functionality in WordPress 3.5 . Check it out on this post.

Where does my background come from?

I am getting asked this over email a lot, so I will post it here. The background image I am currently using for my theme (which is below, in case I change it later) came from a picture I took of a concert. It was the Crystal Castles show at Austin City Limits 2012. It was a fantastic show. I highly recommend checking out Crystal Castles if you like crazy electronic music.


A couple people put some YouTube videos of the show here.


Day 1 of WordCamp Phoenix #wcphx

It’s WordCamp time! Dance-Dance-Dance-Dance!

For those of you who are going to WordCamp Phoenix, but not showing up for the first day, you are missing out big time. There are 4 different classes that you can attend that cover a full range of topics. Each track caters to a wide range of technical levels. I will be in the 301 track. If you happen to see me walking around, don’t hesitate to say “HELLO!”

Ready! Set! GOO!


First Post and WordCamp Phoenix #wcphx

Holy crap, I am writing a blog post!

So after working on WordPress for years, I have finally decided to launch my own blog. Cray-Cray, I KNOW!

My goal is to write a couple blog posts a week, which will be interesting since I barely have any free time these days. Hopefully I will keep this up.

Now for something serious, WordCamp Phoenix 2013 is upon us! Last year WordCamp Phoenix was a lot of fun, and I even had an opportunity to present. I was very nervous about the whole presentation, but I think it went over well. At least the beginning part did (the part where I wasn’t talking).

I won’t be presenting this time around. My partner in crime Mark Kelnar will be presenting on “Adding Source Control to your Life,” at 3:10 PM (MT). We will both be in attendance representing WP Engine, along with Ben Metcalfe, so feel free to come by and say “HELLO!”