I had a bad taco day at @onetaco

Yesterday was a bad taco day. I went to this place called ‘One Taco’ that just had the worst service. I ordered two tacos and it took about 45 minutes to make. They were cold, and they weren’t even the correct tacos. Sigh.

I would have tried to get my order corrected, but I didn’t want to wait another 45 minutes…for a TO GO order. I could have made my own tacos, including making my own tortillas from scratch, in much less time than 45 minutes.

So I did that thing I don’t like to do, that other people do too often…I complained on twitter:

The people behind the tweet seemed to mind though…

Nothing really got resolved though. The folks at the place were nice but it seemed like a poor managed business. There were long lines the whole time I was there, not because of demand, but because the line wasn’t moving. It took them over 5 minutes to place an order with each person. There wasn’t any seating cause there were a lot of people just sitting around waiting for their order.

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but a bad taco experience in Texas is unforgivable. So many folks have figured out how to build a successful taco business in Central/South Texas. I drove by the One Taco today, and saw much of the same thing….a long line, people sitting around waiting for their order, and looking really annoyed. No thanks One Taco, no thanks.

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Chris Lauzon

I am a nerd, a lover, a fighter, and very clumsy. I like Star Wars more than Star Trek. I love music. I have a crazy sense of humor.

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