For seriously though….. #thanksMatt

Me. (Andrew)

The hashtag started (to me at least) as somewhat of a joke.

A way to (slightly) sarcastically thank Matt (Mullenweg) for paying for our Grand Meetup.

For context: The Automattic Grand Meetup happens every year, somewhere in the world, and is a time where the entire company gets together to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, work on projecets, take classes, and just have fun hanging out with the people we have been chatting with on Slack and P2s.

So back to the hashtag: It was humorous a bit, since it humanized the company paying for our awesome meetup. We took over Whistler this year, and as the name suggests, the Grand Meetup was very grand.

All our needs, and basically all our wants, were attended to promptly, due to amazing planning from Rose and company. I could not think of one thing that I wanted to make theā€¦

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I am a nerd, a lover, a fighter, and very clumsy. I like Star Wars more than Star Trek. I love music. I have a crazy sense of humor.

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