How automattic has labeled me

I am at the airport getting ready to board the plane. I give my ticker to the gate agent, and they see my last name. The agent asks “Oh, Christopher…Lauzon.” 

He pronounced my name correctly! Most people make my last name sound like “LOUUUZON.” 

So I said “oh, wow you pronounced my name correctly!”

“Oh great,” he said “I’m glad I did. You know , your last name sounds a little like lasagna. Did you know that?” 

I frowned and said “yes, my Co workers remind me of that every single day.” 

“Oh! You must have some very funny Co workers.” 

“Oh, they’re hilarious,” I said sarcasticly. 

Damn automatticans and their clever nature. 

Published by

Chris Lauzon

I am a nerd, a lover, a fighter, and very clumsy. I like Star Wars more than Star Trek. I love music. I have a crazy sense of humor.

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