My teammate Jackie posting about user feedback.

Jackie Loves

Working as a Happiness Engineer, we see the ups and downs with customers. It’s very rewarding to be working on live chat and to see a user open a chat with a question and help them understand exactly how to get to their desired outcome.

The best thing about working in support is receiving what we call Hugs. These are where the user expresses to you their gratitude and gives you a virtual hug. I really enjoy them and they give me the warm fuzzies. I thought I’d share some of mine, not to toot my own horn or any thing, but it’s always nice to see them.

Thank you users! I love you too!

Jackie – WHAT!?!?! You are the BOMB! How!? What!? Dude! I have been in
mourning for the past year thinking that all the contents from this bad-boy
had vanished into thin air! WOW. Thank…

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