Wrestling Fans Lash Out With ‘#CancelWWENetwork’

My own thoughts from last night’s Rumble is coming, but this is a good preview.


Wrestling fans were seething after the World Wrestling Entertainment’s annual Royal Rumble event came to what appears to be an unsatisfactory end in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

After Roman Reigns emerged victorious for the evening’s highly anticipated battle royal finale, fans sounded off in mass on social media outlets with the hashtag: “#CancelWWENetwork” that was trending worldwide by the night’s end.

According to wrestling blogs, spectators at the event were chanting for refunds as rumors swirled that the WWE Network cancellation page had crashed as fans bombarded the site.

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Hopefully not goodbye

Team mate wrote a great blog post.

Mad About the Dogs

My longtime foster of a year and a half, Apollo, was adopted last week.

I found him one hot, humid morning in July of 2013, in a dismal, desperately poor neighborhood in Dallas. He was walking with a man and his son, but I could tell immediately that he was alone, that he had simply joined the two on their walk for company, that otherwise he was alone.

He was emaciated, at least 15, possibly 20 pounds underweight, with a dull black coat and sad brown eyes. It took me nearly 45 minutes to coax this gentle giant into the back of my car, but he also clearly didn’t want to be left behind. He leaned heavily against my leg as he contemplated his face and stroked his ear, as if willing me to stay. With the help of a passing stranger who worked in the office building nearby, we…

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Royal Rumble Live…um..something?

Warning: This is a post about Professional Wrestling, choose to ignore if you don’t give a damn.

So I have been asked to post/tweet about the Royal Rumble, which is one of the best Wrestling Pay-Per-View (PPV) events of the year, which happens tonight! If you are not a wrestling fan, but are somewhat interested in it, I always find the Royal Rumble to be a good starting point if you wanna watch a wrestling PPV. Wrestlemania is a great PPV event, but it gives new viewers a skewed perspective on how wrestling events usually work. Wrestlemania is larger than life in all aspects, including the wrestlings involved/the fireworks/the arena/etc. The Royal Rumble events usually have the same setting as every wrestling show, which is a medium sized basketball (or hockey) arena. It features the most wrestlers, because of the 30 man Royal Rumble match, and it typically features a strong main event to setup the main event for Wrestlemania….though not always.

The Royal Rumble holds a special place in my heart. In 1997 the Royal Rumble occurred at the Alamodome in San Antonio, and I went with a friend and my brother. It was an amazing show, and it was my first PPV live show I went to. I love watching wrestling live. I do miss the announcers, because they bring a lot of the show, but being live makes everything feel more real. The energy the crowd creates is unlike anything, and everything is so much louder when you are live. I highly recommend watching this PPV if you happen to have a subscription to the WWE Network (which is NINE NINETY NINE BROTHER!).

Tonight is one of the most unpredictable shows I can remember. I honestly have no idea who is going to win, whether you are talking about the 30 man Royal Rumble match, or the main event of the PPV. I won’t go through the details of each match now, there are plenty of commercials (like this one, and this one) .

So a friend of mine who runs a small wrestling community site asked me to “live blog” while I am watching the show. I don’t even know what the hell that really means? I know the technical term for “live blog” is to watch some webpage with words scrolling about what certain people think, while advertising is going on in the background and other people are commenting. That sounds like facebook and twitter, doesn’t it?

To me blogging should feel more stream of conscious, so I may write my thoughts of each match in it’s own blog post then save them as drafts. Twitter is going to be a good place for me to post immediate reactions in small bites, but I have trouble keeping up with twitter. It may be too much for me to read twitter, watch a PPV, and then write blog posts. We’ll see. This is my first time doing this.

So if I am going to bet who is going to win tonight, I would likely lose a lot of money…no matter who I choose. I have a serious feeling WWE is gonna serve, which means they are going to do something very crazy and unpredictable. We will see. I am excited. 🙂

So yeah…cancer

I have been struggling with a way to discuss the recent events regarding my health, and I haven’t come up with an easy way to talk about it directly. 

A couple years ago I had a health scare in which I thought I had cancer. Thankfully I did not, but thought to myself “If I did have cancer, I would have been really disappointed with my bucket list.” I made a lot of changes, including traveling more and living in a more positive way.

Fast forward to the past couple months. It was recently discovered that I had brain cancer, but it isn’t as serious as it sounds. Everything is going to be fine since things were discovered early. I am going to have some very not-fun treatments, but it will be fine.

When my doctor gave me the news, I thought “I have done a lot of shit in the past year and a half, no big deal now.” So with the news , my only reaction was asking “What’s next,” like President Bartlet does in The West Wing. What a difference a short amount of time makes.

More life changes will come, but I am feel very happy and lucky to have the life I have. I recently had a role change where I help guide a team of talented folks in Automattic, and with that new responsibility I have the amazing opportunity to do what I do well, and help my team kick a lot of ass. Life is not going to slow down for me, anytime soon. 

Ode to a Frostbitten Chicken

I really need to go to Maine.

The Fifth-Acre Farm Homesteading Project


Winter in southern Maine,

have some ice with your deep snow,

temperatures drop below zero,

as I write this backyard chicken refrain.

Our girls are new to this kind of cold,

just want to eat insect larvae and weeds,

just want to poop and eat simultaneously,

anything but peck at this frozen leaf mold.

Twenty below zero is for the birds, man,

let’s stay inside the coop,

let’s sleep in our own poop,

we are totally starting an egg-laying ban.


Those tall, plucked freaks who feed us

thaw our water on the daily,

they clean our heating pad gaily,

but we find this routine tedious:


scratch the straw in the run for seeds,

eat desiccated meal worms (chicken crack),

perch on the roost, minds on one track—

how could this happen to such hardy breeds?

Just a couple of discolored combs, it could have been much worse.

And it nearly got above freezing…

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