it was a grand meetup…

Cami has some awesome pictures of the Grand Meetup.



Once a year Automattic calls an all hands meeting. A meetup. It lasts one full calendar week from arrival to departure and it is many things to many people.

The one word standing out in my mind as I look back at the week I had is overwhelming.

  1. very great in amount.
    “he was elected president by an overwhelming majority”
    synonyms: very large, enormous, immense, inordinate, massive, hugeMore
    • (especially of an emotion) very strong.
      “an overwhelming feeling of gratitude”

There was so much to take in, so many people to seek out, reacquaint with, and meet for the very first time. We worked, we played, we ate, we drank, we slept very little. We tried to make the world a better place, and if you think that’s me being dramatic you don’t know the people I have the honor of working with…

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The Fog of Sadness

This is me, right now. Amazing post by Lori.


I know the fog of sadness will come. The knowing doesn’t make it any easier when it arrives.

It’s happened every year for the past five years. Sometimes it sets in the afternoon I arrive home, like today. Sometimes it sets in after I wake up from the post trip nap (last year’s “nap” was 18 hours long, due to sheer exhaustion from too much fun).

This year our annual all company meetup was held in Park City, Utah, and more than 250 people attended. This is a highlight of the year, because it’s often the only time that I’ll see many of my co-workers. We’re a distributed company, and everyone’s primary workspace is their home office. Oh, did I mention we have folks in thirty-five countries around the world? We’re really spread out. It’s a whirlwind of a week – learning at internally led code academy classes; project teams…

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The Party Suite was My Home for Seven Nights

Thanks for the Balcony Dennis . 🙂

Dennis Hong's Attic

All last week, I was in Park City, Utah. I was there for Automattic’s Grand Meetup, the one time a year that the entire company sees each other in person. The Grand Meetup is a combination of both work and play, with the first half of the week leaning towards “work,” and the second half stumbling drunkenly towards “play.”

Our lodging choices ranged from single rooms to four-bedroom penthouses. The penthouses were very large and very fancy, but the caveat was that they were also going to be used as the official “party suites” for the meetup. Well, I figured I tend to stay up late, anyway, and it would be awesome to stay in a penthouse, so I volunteered to be placed in one of them. And so I was….

I honestly don’t know if I would volunteer again, but it was definitely an awesome — if not exhausting — seven days. It’s…

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Mercury Award Nominations Upcoming

The Barclaycard Mercury Awards are the only music awards I really care about, and I’m very excited to see the list of ‘possible’ nominations according to

My personal favorites:

Jungle – By Jungle

Solid smooth electronic music. Some trip hop elements that are pretty fun.


Wild Beats – Present Tense

Really great album, though their previous album ‘Smother’ is one of my all time favorite albums, but this is still a really good album.


Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Holy cow, a Rock album that just rocks. This album has become a great album to work out to, and it reminds me of Muse mixed with Rage Against The Machine with a slight Jack White vibe.


East India Youth – Total Strife Forever

Really interesting classical-electronic style music. Not easy listening but if you are into more ambient style music, you may like this one.